SAREF4SYST: an extension of SAREF for typology of systems and their inter-connections

Official ETSI documentation for SAREF4SYST v1.1.1
This page will soon contain the documentation of the SAREF4SYST ontology v1.1.1

Note: This portal is under construction. It was drafted in the context of ETSI Specialist Task Force 556. More effort is required to automatize the portal content generation and deployment workflow.

The documentation of SAREF4SYST v1.1.1 will be available here soon. The source of the ontology are available as Turtle or RDF/XML. Visualize it with VOWL

SAREF4SYST is a generic extension of SAREF that defines ontology patterns which can then be instantiated for different domains. SAREF4SYST defines Systems, Connections between systems, and Connection Points at which systems may be connected. These core concepts can be used generically to define the topology of features of interest, and are specialized for multiple domains. This ontology patterns can be instantiated for different domains. For example to describe zones inside a building (systems), that share a frontier (connections). SAREF4SYST has two main aims: on the one hand, to extend SAREF with the capacility or representing general topology of systems and how they are connected or interact, and on the other hand, to exemplify how ontology patterns may help to ensure an homogeneous structure of the overall SAREF ontology and speed up the development of extensions. SAREF4SYST is specified and published by ETSI in the TS 103 548 associated to this ontology file.