Tests for SAREF4LIFT

Tests for the "Car Signal" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-1 LIFT-1 CurrentCarStop subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-2 LIFT-1 CurrentCarStop subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-3 LIFT-2 MovingUpwardDirection subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-4 LIFT-2 MovingUpwardDirection subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-5 LIFT-3 MovingDownwardDirection subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-6 LIFT-3 MovingDownwardDirection subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-7 LIFT-4 CarInUnlockingZone subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-8 LIFT-4 CarInUnlockingZone subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-9 LIFT-5 TestRide subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-10 LIFT-5 TestRide subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-11 LIFT-6 FaultSignal type Class
LIFT-TEST-12 LIFT-7 OutOfService subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-13 LIFT-7 OutOfService subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-14 LIFT-8 OutOfService subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-15 LIFT-8 OutOfService subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-16 LIFT-9 Overload subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-17 LIFT-9 Overload subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-18 LIFT-10 InspectionOperation subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-19 LIFT-10 InspectionOperation subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-20 LIFT-11 FireOperation subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-21 LIFT-11 FireOperation subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-22 LIFT-12 CarAlarm subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-23 LIFT-12 CarAlarm subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-24 LIFT-13 CarEmpty subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-25 LIFT-13 CarEmpty subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-26 LIFT-14 SmartLiftInstallation hasLimitLoad Load
LIFT-TEST-27 LIFT-15 SmartLiftInstallation hasPowerSupply Power
LIFT-TEST-28 LIFT-16 SmartLiftInstallation hasStandardPowerSupply Power
LIFT-TEST-29 LIFT-17 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasCarStops only integer
LIFT-TEST-30 LIFT-18 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasDoorsStatus some boolean

Tests for the "Bidirectional Communication System Signal" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-31 LIFT-19 TimeOfLastPeriodicTest72hAttempt subClassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-32 LIFT-19 TimeOfLastPeriodicTest72hAttempt hasValue Time
LIFT-TEST-33 LIFT-20 SmartLiftInstallation receives BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-34 LIFT-21 NetworkCoverage isMeasuredIn UnitOfMeasure
LIFT-TEST-35 LIFT-22 RegisteredNetworkOperator subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-36 LIFT-22 RegisteredNetworkOperator subclassOf hasValue some string
LIFT-TEST-37 LIFT-23 TimeOfLastPeriodicTest72hAttempt subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-38 LIFT-23 timeOfConfirmationOfLastPeriodicTest72hAttempt subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-39 LIFT-23 registeredNetworkOperator subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-40 LIFT-23 networkQualityRSSI subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-41 LIFT-23 networkQualityBER subclassOf BCSSignal
LIFT-TEST-42 LIFT-24 NetworkFixedLine type Network
LIFT-TEST-43 LIFT-24 Network2G type Network
LIFT-TEST-44 LIFT-24 Network3G type Network
LIFT-TEST-45 LIFT-24 Network4G type Network
LIFT-TEST-46 LIFT-24 Network5G type Network
LIFT-TEST-47 LIFT-25 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasTelephoneNumber some string
LIFT-TEST-48 LIFT-26 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasSecondaryEmergencyTelephoneNumber only string

Tests for the "Power Supply Signal" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-49 LIFT-27 EmergencyPowerSupplySignal subClassOf Signal
LIFT-TEST-50 LIFT-27 EmergencyPowerSupplySignal subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-51 LIFT-28 StandardEmergencyPowerSupplySignal subClassOf Signal
LIFT-TEST-52 LIFT-28 StandardEmergencyPowerSupplySignal subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-53 LIFT-29 SmartLiftInstallation hasPowerSupply Power
LIFT-TEST-54 LIFT-30 OutOfService subclassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-55 LIFT-30 OutOfService subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-56 LIFT-31 Overload subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-57 LIFT-31 Overload subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-58 LIFT-32 InspectionOperation subClassOf Signal
LIFT-TEST-59 LIFT-32 InspectionOperation subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-60 LIFT-33 FireOperation subClassOf CarSignal
LIFT-TEST-61 LIFT-33 FireOperation subclassOf hasValue some boolean

Tests for the "Fault Signal" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-62 LIFT-34 DangerousFault subclassof FaultSignal
LIFT-TEST-63 LIFT-35 MinorFault subclassof FaultSignal
LIFT-TEST-64 LIFT-36 AudioFault subclassOf FaultSignal

Tests for the "Statistic Signal" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-65 LIFT-37 NumberOfCalls subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-66 LIFT-37 NumberOfCalls subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-67 LIFT-38 UpwardTravels subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-68 LIFT-38 UpwardTravels subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-69 LIFT-39 DownwardTravels subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-70 LIFT-39 DownwardTravels subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-71 LIFT-40 TotalFloorsCovered subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-72 LIFT-40 totalFloorsCovered subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-73 LIFT-41 TotalResetSequence subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-74 LIFT-41 TotalResetSequence subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-75 LIFT-42 TotalReversalDirection subClassOf StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-76 LIFT-42 TotalReversalDirection subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-77 LIFT-43 TotalTimesOpened type StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-78 LIFT-43 TotalTimesOpened subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-79 LIFT-44 CallsPerService type StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-80 LIFT-44 CallsPerService subclassOf hasValue some integer
LIFT-TEST-81 LIFT-45 NumberOfFaults type StatisticSignal
LIFT-TEST-82 LIFT-45 NumberOfFaults subclassOf hasValue some integer

Tests for the "Alarm" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-83 LIFT-46 AlarmInTheCar subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-84 LIFT-46 CarAlarm subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-85 LIFT-47 AlarmInTheCar subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-86 LIFT-47 CarAlarm subclassOf hasValue some boolean
LIFT-TEST-87 LIFT-48 AlarmVoiceCommunication subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-88 LIFT-49 AlarmInTheWell subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-89 LIFT-50 AlarmInTheMachinery subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-90 LIFT-51 FloodAlarm subclassOf Alarm
LIFT-TEST-91 LIFT-52 EmergencyPowerAlarm subclassOf Alarm

Tests for the "Command" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-92 LIFT-53 Function hasCommand Command
LIFT-TEST-93 LIFT-54 CallCarToSpecificFloorCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-94 LIFT-55 SendCarToSpecificServiceCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-95 LIFT-56 SmartLiftInstallationCommand hasDoorOpenTime Time
LIFT-TEST-96 LIFT-57 SmartLiftInstallationCommand hasDoorCloseTime Time
LIFT-TEST-97 LIFT-58 SetOutOfServiceCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-98 LIFT-59 TestEmergencyNumberCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-99 LIFT-60 TestRideCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-100 LIFT-61 SetRealTimeModeCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-101 LIFT-62 SmartLiftInstallation subclassOf hasMainEmergencyNumber only string
LIFT-TEST-102 LIFT-63 SmartLiftInstallation hasTraveledTime Time
LIFT-TEST-103 LIFT-64 BoardResetCommand subclassOf Command
LIFT-TEST-104 LIFT-65 EmergencyPowerSupplySignal subClassOf hasValue some string
LIFT-TEST-105 LIFT-66 StandardEmergencyPowerSupplySignal subClassOf hasValue some string

Tests for the "Smart Lift System" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-106 LIFT-67 SmartLiftInstallation hasSubsystem SmartLiftInstallation
LIFT-TEST-107 LIFT-68 SmartLiftInstallation hasSubsystem SmartLiftEdgeControlUnit
LIFT-TEST-108 LIFT-69 Signal subClassOf SmartLiftmodule
LIFT-TEST-109 LIFT-69 BidirectionalCommunicationSystem subClassOf SmartLiftmodule

Tests for the "Smart Lift identification" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-110 LIFT-70 SmartLiftInstallation type Class
LIFT-TEST-111 LIFT-71 SmartLiftsGroup type Class
LIFT-TEST-112 LIFT-72 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasManufacturer only string
LIFT-TEST-113 LIFT-73 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasInstallerLiftCompany only string

Tests for the "Smart Lift administrative information" category
Id Requirement Test
LIFT-TEST-114 LIFT-74 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasMaintenanceCompany only string
LIFT-TEST-115 LIFT-75 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasBuildingManager only string
LIFT-TEST-116 LIFT-76 SmartLiftInstallation subClassOf hasOwner only string
LIFT-TEST-117 LIFT-77 SmartLiftInstallation hasGeometry Point
LIFT-TEST-118 LIFT-78 SmartLiftInstallation subclassOf hasLocationValidator only string
LIFT-TEST-119 LIFT-79 GoodsLift subClassOf SmartLiftInstallation
LIFT-TEST-120 LIFT-79 GoodsOnlyLift subClassOf SmartLiftInstallation
LIFT-TEST-121 LIFT-79 FiremanLift subClassOf SmartLiftInstallation