Requirements for SAREF4WATR

Requirements for the "Water infrastructure" category
Id Requirement
WATR-1 Which assets compose a water distribution infrastructure? Catchment well, raw water pipe, reservoirs, etc.
WATR-2 A catchment well is a well that has been constructed to collect water.
WATR-3 A wastewater treatment plant is a facility where contaminants are removed from wastewater or sewage.
WATR-4 Which types of sensors are used in water infrastructures? Water quality sensors, capacity sensors, tank level sensors, etc.
WATR-5 Which types of actuators are used in water infrastructures? Pressure regulators, pumps, valves, etc.

Requirements for the "Water meter" category
Id Requirement
WATR-6 A water meter is a device that measures different aspects of a water infrastructure.
WATR-7 What is the type of the water meter? It is a cold-water meter.
WATR-8 What is the fabrication number of the water meter? 4837QW.
WATR-9 What are the manufacturer and the model of the water meter? It is a Meterall, model Turion.
WATR-10 What is the version of the water meter? Version 1.2.
WATR-11 What is the hardware version number of the water meter? 23.5b.
WATR-12 What firmware version is the water meter using? The metrology (firmware) version is 123.7.
WATR-13 What has been the on time for the water meter? 15 days.
WATR-14 What is the operating time of the water meter? 5 hours.
WATR-15 What is the operating time of the water meter's battery? 4 months and 4 days.
WATR-16 When was the battery of the water meter previously changed? On February 23rd 2019, at 13:45.
WATR-17 What is the remaining battery time of the water meter? 27 months.
WATR-18 What is the power of the water meter? 24 volts.
WATR-19 What is the radio frequency level of the water meter? 2.4 GHz.
WATR-20 What is the geolocation of the water meter? Latitude 40.4165 and longitude -3.7025.

Requirements for the "Meter measurements" category
Id Requirement
WATR-21 What is the volume being measured by water meter 243? 127 liters.
WATR-22 Which was the flow of water meter 44 on January 15th 2019 at 12:30? 32 liters per hour.
WATR-23 How many water meters are measuring an external temperature greater than 23ºC? 5 meters.
WATR-24 The maximum temperature limit of the water meter is of 49ºC.
WATR-25 Water meters can provide measurements according to different temporal settings: current values, periodical values, set date values, billing date values, minimum values, and maximum values.
WATR-26 Measurements can be related to a specific date and/or time, to some duration, or to a temporal interval.

Requirements for the "Infrastructure measurements" category
Id Requirement
WATR-27 What is the current level of the reservoir? 200 liters.
WATR-28 What are the inflow/outflow rates of the water reservoir? 500 liters.
WATR-29 What is the current water flow in water pipe 212? 250 liters per second.
WATR-30 What is the current water leak rate in water pipe 212? 0.4 liters per second.
WATR-31 Which systems had the water pressure lower than 100 on August 15th? Pump 123 and pump 145.
WATR-32 What is the maximum discharge flow of water pump 8? 500 liters per minute.

Requirements for the "Water measurements" category
Id Requirement
WATR-33 What are the physical properties of water? Temperature, conductance, turbidity, etc.
WATR-34 What are the chemical properties of water? pH, total hardness, concentration of different chemical components, etc.

Requirements for the "Indicators" category
Id Requirement
WATR-35 Is the minimum pressure level maintained everywhere the water distribution infrastructure? Yes.
WATR-36 What is the capacity of wastewater treatment plants in Madrid? 12 Megaliters per day.
WATR-37 Which water indicators are defined for Burgos? Number of connected residential properties, annual maintenance costs, volume of potable water supplied.

Requirements for the "Tariff" category
Id Requirement
WATR-38 What is the start date and time of the tariff in use in the water meter? 1st January 2019.
WATR-39 What is the duration of the current tariff of the water meter? 1 year.
WATR-40 What is the tariff period of the water meter? 1 month.
WATR-41 What is the maximum contracted consumption of the water meter? 1,200 liters.
WATR-42 What is the billing date of the water meter? 31st March 2019.
WATR-43 What is the billing date period of the water meter? 1 month.

Requirements for the "ICT4Water Cluster" category
Id Requirement
WATR-44 There are four main types of water assets: source, sink, transport and storage ones.
WATR-45 Examples of source assets are: lakes, lagoons or glaciers.
WATR-46 Examples of sink assets are: rivers, seas, oceans or estuaries.
WATR-47 An aquifer is a type of storage asset.
WATR-48 An intake is a type of transport asset.
WATR-49 A hydroelectric power plant is a type of water infrastructure.
WATR-50 A gauging station is a type of water monitoring infrastructure.
WATR-51 A water infrastructure is intended for a particular use of water, for example: industry, agriculture, recreation or aquaculture.
WATR-52 Total dissolved solids is an acceptability property of water.
WATR-53 Dissolved oxygen is a chemical property of water.
WATR-54 Some environmental properties are relevant for water, such as external humidity, atmospheric pressure, amount of precipitation.
WATR-55 A device can monitor a water asset.